Please call the bookings team on 020 7936 7000, email or use the following link.

No cost is incurred with a provisional booking. You can make changes or cancel at any time, free of charge until your booking is confirmed. See IDRC’s Terms and Conditions here. However, it is advisable to confirm a booking as soon as possible so as not to lose the required accommodation and dates.

Under IDRC’s Terms and Conditions, as soon as you confirm your booking in writing you become liable for IDRC’s charges and for cancellation fees if you then cancel your booking.

Deposit invoices will be sent after the booking has been confirmed, and payment will be due in full within 30 days of receipt or two days before the first day of the booking, whichever is sooner. 

The Centre is open and staffed from 8am to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday, inclusive. Early access and late departure, and access over weekends can be arranged, subject to advance notice (overtime rates will apply).

We cannot book court reporting or transcription services for you directly as each company has their own terms and conditions to which you will be subject. However, we can recommend various companies that are regularly used by our clients and are familiar with the Centre. Please see details here.

Virtual hearings:

 95% of our virtual hearings are conducted on Zoom. We can, however, use other platforms if preferred , including Cisco WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans. 

We recommend a laptop/desktop, high quality camera and microphone for active participant and noise cancelling headset for each active participant. You may wish to have a second monitor to view documents on a larger scale. A second device may also be required for purposes of the transcript.

Most clients book tests for their team only, as it is often easier to find a suitable date when there are fewer people. But we welcome all-party tests if preferred, or where it is deemed necessary.

As many as you need. Ideally, each side should book a team test for as many participants as possible to ensure everyone is on the same page. However, you are welcome to book additional test sessions if needed.

We do encourage all participants to participate in at least one session with the IDRC team to optimise their experience during the hearing, as our test runs also involve a short training on the platform.

We recommend that all remote attendees participate in a test/training session with us at least one week in advance of the hearing. This allows everyone sufficient time to resolve any technical issues identified during the test, to source any equipment needed, and to book in any additional tests as required.

Given the confidential nature of arbitral hearings, IDRC cannot record them without the prior written confirmation of all parties and the tribunal. Some transcription companies record hearings for the purposes of checking and editing their transcripts and they have the responsibility of notifying the parties and the tribunal of their intention of doing so.

Yes, this is a standard feature of virtual bookings.

Yes, technically, any person in the meeting will be able to share their screen with another participant. If there is an EPE Operator on the call, they just need to be informed to stop sharing their screen and then someone else will be able to start sharing theirs. 

Do not panic! Disconnection occurs from time to time and you do not need to inform the Moderator of this. As long as the disconnected participant re-joins in a proper and identifiable manner, the Moderator will admit them as soon as they re-join.

Yes, subject always to adherence to the tribunal’s directions and notice to the other side. The meeting details that are circulated include a link for dialling in for audio only. The participant joining on audio simply needs to locate their country dialling code and use the corresponding number. They will then be asked to enter the Meeting ID and/or Passcode. 

Currently, only Zoom and Cisco WebEx support simultaneous interpretation/translation. On these platforms, once enabled, participants just need to select the appropriate language channel they wish to listen to.

Clients must source and contract with their own interpreters, but IDRC can, if requested, liaise with them to test simultaneous translation/interpretation on the applicable platform.

All meetings are opened at least 30 minutes before the hearing is scheduled to start, to give participants sufficient time to set up and to make use of the breakout rooms if they wish to. 

IDRC supervisors are able to mute participants and switch off their videos. However, to reverse the process, we are only able to send a prompt to the participant to unmute and to start their video themselves.


Yes, we have a variety of catering options, including a hot and cold buffet served in the dining area, and a cold buffet, sandwiches or salads served in retiring/client rooms. All food must be ordered 24 hours in advance (Friday for Monday).

Yes, but please ensure the suppliers have your name and your room number to avoid confusion on delivery.


Yes. National and international couriers can be booked to return clients’ files on the conclusion of the hearing. Please ask reception for more details.

Yes. We have multi-functional copiers on each floor for printing, copying and scanning, for which our clients are given a unique user ID in advance of the first day of the hearing.


Yes; all rooms have fully adjustable, zonal air conditioning.

Yes; all rooms are lockable; You will be given a code in advance of your start date.

We have laptops, monitors, large screens and projectors available to hire at the Centre. All equipment is subject to availability.  

  • We are now ‘Covid Compliant’- we don’t have any official restrictions in place but are Covid aware and will work with each client individually depending on their needs.
  • Masks are available at the Centre and there is sanitiser throughout the building.
  • Our new air con system eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and allergens so is cleaner than outside air (details in the following link:
  • Rooms can be mapped to a 1m or 2m social distancing rule if required.

If some participants are unable to attend in person, we can offer assistance arranging fully virtual and hybrid hearings. We have conducted multiple virtual hearings involving multiple locations around the world since the beginning of the pandemic, and these have all been extremely successful.


We can provide weekend access if required and requested. Our access charge for weekend opening is currently £115.00 + VAT per hour (for a minimum of 6 hours).

IDRC have secured preferential rates for several four and five star hotels local to the Centre, and for short-stay apartments within walking distance. Click here  for a list.

Please use the following link to complete a short survey: