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46,000+ sq ft

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Virtual Hearings

Expert guidance and support before and throughout virtual dispute resolution proceedings.

Flexible Room Layouts

Choose from a range of custom-designed hearing, meeting, mediation and conference rooms.

Central London Location

Directly opposite St Paul's Cathedral, we are located in the heart of the City of London.

World-leading facilities & services

Conference rooms

Offering natural light, vibrant surroundings and the latest technology.

Guaranteed high speed internet

High-speed wireless, 1000 Mb fibre optic backbone.

Translation Services

Specialist multilingual legal support services.

Court Reporting

From same-day transcripts to real-time reporting services.

Admin services

Administrative and clerical support, printing and other assistance.

Catering Services

Hot and cold buffet, 3 course lunches, all day coffee, tea, water, fruit & biscuits.

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Arbitration / Hearing Rooms
Arbitration / Hearing Rooms
Options to accommodate from 15 to 100 people.
Day rate
£915 - £2,295/day
Retiring Rooms
Retiring Rooms
Providing strategically thought out retiring rooms, fully sound proofed and each equipped with large display screens and VC solutions.
Day rate
£315 - £590/day
Virtual & Hybrid Hearings
Virtual & Hybrid Hearings
Fully virtual, semi-virtual (hybrid) and singular party options accommodating over 100 participants.
Day rate
£1,265 - £1,435/
Mediation Rooms
Mediation Rooms
Options to accommodate from 15 people upwards.
Day rate
£525 - £1,040/day

Enhancing the way arbitration is done.

The Dispute Resolution Hub

The International Dispute Resolution Centre for Arbitration and Mediation

Based in London, IDRC is one of the finest international dispute resolution centres globally. IDRC offers modern and fully-equipped rooms for arbitrations, mediations,  conferences, training and Public Inquiries.

IDRC is the world’s leading integrated Alternative Dispute Resolution Hub, providing best-in-class hearing facilities and accommodating leading international dispute resolution institutions.

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