“ I thought that it all went very well, and in particular it was really helpful to have you there for the whole process making sure everything was running smoothly, and we all appreciated having the test run to get familiar with the platform. Our counsel also said after the hearing that it was great to have you on the call to help with logistical issues and also to point out whose microphones were causing feedback.”


“Thank you so much for managing the process of the hearing on Friday, and for conducting the test and prehearing conference on Wednesday. 

As I mentioned at the end of the hearing, my colleagues and I were hugely impressed by the operation and your management of the hearing.  Given that it was an all-day hearing involving many individuals in many different locations within and outside London, one could be forgiven for assuming that there would be at least one significant hitch.  However, the hearing proceeded without any blemish whatsoever.  Connection was extremely easy, the audio and video connections were excellent, and the virtual breakout rooms operated extremely well and seamlessly.

I must also thank you for your constant attention and assistance before, during and after the hearing. Having a technical expert in control of operations allowed the Tribunal to focus on the hearing and the submissions of counsel without any fear that something might go awry with the technology.  We had complete confidence in your expertise, and as a result the hearing was a pleasure to conduct.

Many thanks for all your hard work, superb efficiency and constant assistance.  If this is “the new normal”, I look forward to the future!”

 -An Arbitrator."


“As you already know, I have sent an unsolicited note to say how very impressed we all were with the service that you gave us; and for the quite exceptionally pleasant way in which you did it.

The honest answer to your question is that I can think of no way in which the service could have been improved and I very much hope that both the parties share the arbitrators views.



“Speaking from an entirely personal point of view, I thought it went very well. 

I don’t have any particular feedback but I think the total duration was long enough.  I wouldn’t recommend that video hearings run from (say) 9 to 6, as some “live” arbitrations can run.

I was sceptical that we would actually need someone from the IDRC there to “hold our hands” but I think it was definitely worth having you available to administer everything, not just because you know what you are doing and are neutral to the parties but also because, if something had gone wrong, it wouldn’t have reflected badly on either party."