Please click on Floor Plans for details of the present configuration of theĀ arbitration centre's rooms. Up to 100 people can be accommodated in the largest room and the smaller hearing rooms hold 15 people comfortably. In addition, retiring rooms (which can also be used for caucusing or as break-out or "war" rooms) are available throughout the centre.

If an exceptionally large space is required for a conference or arbitration, special arrangements can be made to re-configure a floor at relatively short notice.

All rooms are air-conditioned and well-lit (there is natural light on all sides of the building, as well as excellent Category 2 lighting) and are equipped with full Category 5 wiring, allowing voice and data transmissions.

Care has been taken to provide ample shelving. Rooms are furnished with strong, large tables and comfortable seating and are decorated so as to provide a pleasing atmosphere.

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