Premier Suite

Technical Info

Transcription Systems:

The idr-Desks are equipped with 14 high speed built in PC`s preloaded with transcription software and have  2 monitors each.

HD Video Conferencing:

We have opted to install Lifesize Video Conferencing. Lifesize units are at the forefront of IP video communications and offer a greater number of features:

  • Four-way multipoint communications
  • Dual monitor support
  • Adaptive motion control
  • SIP voice communications for audio conferencing
  • HD quality pictures

Translation Booth:

The built in translation booth is fully equipped and intergrated with the room; it is capable of doing multi language cases.

Document Evidence Display:

The display of electronic evidence / documents is capable on monitors and is compatible with all electronic evidence systems.

The New idr-Desks:

These new purpose built desks house the PC`s and pop up monitors. They also include: 

  • Microphone connection
  • Push to talk button with indicator light when active
  • Audio input for laptops or ipod
  • Twin headphone outputs with volume control
  • Data connectivity
  • Mains power sockets for UK, US and EU plugs
  • USB keyboard and mouse connection

Universal PC Connectivity:

We are providing analogue and digital PC connection cables on pull through connectors to allow simple access and connectivity. These will be presented as VGA and HDMI connectors and will accommodate display ports and DVI by adaptors if required in the future.