Anna Mazzotta


Anna Mazzotta, one of the youngest winners of the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize, trained at The Wimbledon School of Art and The Royal College of Art. Her artworks feature in many public and private collections, most notably in those of Robert & Susan Kasen Summer and the royal photographer John Hedgecoe.

Anna Mazzotta’s artwork is featured in The Susan Kasen Summer and Robert D. Summer Collection of contemporary British painting – Amazon:Books.

Painting primarily from memory, a technique that gives her art a far more personal feeling, Anna’s work has an emphasis in capturing the essence of home and leisure she observed in her childhood. Anna’s artwork has been described as a cross between Beryl Cook and Paula Rego, showing an intimate world where strong women characters share conspiracies, affection and jokes.


Emma Hartley

Emma Hartley

Emma Hartley creates ethereal contemporary images. She portrays the atmosphere, the light (perhaps spiritual) that the ordinary eye senses, but rarely differentiates from more representative perspectives. Her paintings (featuring landscapes, people and abstract concepts) draw the viewer into the world of feelings, emotions and instincts. This world is accessible and appealing and still gently challenging.

Emma’s paintings reveal the drama and beauty of reality, through the surreal lens of emotional perception.


2016 Nominated for Columbia Threadneedle Prize at The Mall Galleries
2017 Nominated for National Open Art Prize
2017 Selected for Ing Discerning Eye Prize at the Mall Galleries

Solo Shows

2017 Escape
2013 ‘Half-truth’ The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London.
2010 ‘Hinterland’ The Shed Gallery, Hampshire.

Patrice Lombardi

Patrice Lombardi

Patrice Lombardi is an American painter who divides her time between Italy and England. Since 1985 she has held 18 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in London, Italy and the USA. She has taught for several universities including New York University. Lombardi’s paintings are in private, corporate and public collections throughout the world.

A recent exhibition of her work entitled, “Collections”, was exhibited at the prestigious Circolo degli Artisti in Florence in 2013 and then at Gallery 27 in Cork Street, London in December 2013. The work currently on display at the IDRC includes some of these new new paintings.Lombardi has recently opened her own gallery in Wivenhoe, Essex and welcomes clients and visitors to her gallery/studio space. To organise a visit to the gallery or a day of painting with the artist please contact Patrice at or call 077.80917800. To view her work and that of her husband, the English sculptor Richard W. Boardman, go to .

Past exhibitions include: Images from the Garden, Villa Schifanoia, shown in both Florence and in Boston 1985, Family Portraits, Boston 1986, New England Landscapes, Martha’s Vineyard 1987, The Gardens of Villa I Tatti, exhibited in Florence, Boston and California 1990, Objects & Window Studies, Usiskin Gallery London 1993, Recent Paintings, East West Gallery, London 1998, Objects in Light, East West Gallery, London 2000, Recent Paintings, Gallery 27, London 2004, New Paintings, Medici Gallery, London 2008, Classical, Inspiration, Medici Gallery, London 2010 and The Nature of Things, Vermont 2011.

Lombardi was the first artist in residence at New York University’s Villa La Pietra, Florence where she worked on a series of large paintings of the Villa’s magnificent gardens. She transformed the Villa’s historic Limonaia (orangery) into a gallery in the garden. These paintings were then exhibited at the Medici Gallery in Cork Street, London in 2006.

Portrait commissions include: Mr. Richard Miller - Durrants Hotel, London, 2013.Emma & Maddalena Agostini Gannucci Cancellieri, Florence, 2012. Mrs. Miller - Durrants Hotel, London, 2011. V.V. Veeder, QC that was exhibited as part of a portraiture show at East West Gallery, London in 2001. Umberto Vannucci, Lucca, 2000. Judge Stephen Schwebel, President of the International Court of Justice, The Hague, Holland, 1998.

Chris Richbell

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Chris is part of a group of painters from all over the country that annually enjoy painting together in Walberswick on the Suffolk coast and also this autumn in Cumbria. Painting outside, whatever the weather, brings a whole new meaning to watercolour. She has won prizes locally and nationally with two awards from the Royal Watercolour Society in their 21st Century Watercolour Exhibition that led to a very successful solo exhibition in London. Her passion is the interplay of light and reflections, which has encouraged her to produce a very successful series of wet London paintings. She has also enjoyed painting the atmosphere of pubs and restaurants looking at strong light on tables and people in dark interiors. Most recently she has been influenced by her visit to Cumbria where the amazing landscape led to an expressive set of colourful acrylics. To view Chris`s works please visit her website:

Max Tannahill

Max Tannahill

Max Tannahill is from Bangor, Co. Down in the north-east of Ireland, where he was brought up on a small farm, which he left in the mid 1970's for London. After a time he emigrated to Australia where exposure to the work of aboriginal artists ignited his interest in sculpture. On returning to England in 1989 to study bookbinding, he settled in Wivenhoe , on the Essex coast. During this period he started carving his unique fish from driftwood, gathered from the miles of estuary shoreline. The work has evolved enormously over the years and now the 'shoals' on ship wrecks have become his signature pieces. Lead and copper are sometimes incorporated into the work, which is essentially simple, imagined and governed to a large extent by the constraints of the material.

Max represented Essex artists at the International Arts Symposium, Klienbreitenbach, Germany in 2000. The sculpture he made there is a huge weather vane and it sits on the hillside above the town.

Recently he was invited to show at the Geedon Gallery in Essex , " Essex Artists Old and New", alongside established artists, including Grason Perry.

Max has exhibited widely from East Anglia to Cornwall. He has had numerous one man shows in Norfolk, Suffolk , Essex and London.

Max Tannahills work is in various collections around the world, including the Estorick Collection. His work has been purchased by major British interior designers / architects and various others from the world of film and television

Stephen Charlton - The Language of Paint

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Painting is Stephen's visual language, his expression of thoughts and feelings that capture the essence of the places he studies. "I love it when others see what I have not seen in my paintings, their interpretation is what really counts and I feel that the viewer has to do some work to make the picture complete. This then becomes their picture, one that they see in their own way, driven by feelings and not necessarily through thought alone."Exhibiting his paintings around the walls of the IDRC allows the viewer the time to decide for themselves the content and tone of voice of the picture."If a painting resonates with you it's because you have made a connection and discovered meaning and context that appeals to you."Stephen's ability to apply his energy and passion to create such powerful paintings is testament to his confidence - visible through the way he paints generously and without hesitation.Painting in oils on canvas, aluminium and glass using bold expressive strokes of brush or palette knife, leaves the oil paint standing proud of the surface adding depth, drama and a sense of freedom. To view Stephens works please visit his website.